Apollo Falconry brings you a unique falconry experience!


Welcome to Apollo Falconry. We are a Falconry company based in Evesham, owned and run by Konnie Townsend and fantastic volunteers. 


Our main aim is to teach people more about these fantastic creatures, whilst allowing a hands-on experience. You can join us for a Falconry experience and fly and handle a range of Owls, Hawks, Kestrels and Falcons


We offer Owl Ring Bearer services, Birds of Prey Experiences, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, and more! If you would like to have Birds of Prey involved in a big day, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss how we can help you! 



enquiries@apollo-falconry.co.uk, 07725716761 or www.facebook.com/apollofalconry


About Us

About Us

Apollo Falconry is a Falconry business now based in Evesham. We’ve been displaying and flying birds for over 15 years, and there isn’t anything we love doing more! Our birds are our life, and we love sharing our love for them with everyone!

Meet The Team:

Konnie Townsend – Head Falconer & Owner

Konnie has been flying and rearing birds of prey since a young age.  She is the one that is more often than not, constantly holding a bird. She is the ‘Head Falconer’ and likes to spew out knowledge to whoever will listen! Her favourite Bird of Prey is the Aplomado Falcon 


Lisa Townsend – Volunteer

Lisa is our scaredy-cat. After having birds in the house for over 15 years, she still has a phobia of them!! You can catch her holding the smallest bird possible (Timmy!) and handling Billie at weddings. Her favourite Bird of Prey is the White Faced Owl (Transformer Owl).


Ady Penn – Volunteer

Ady is our most helpful volunteer, and we couldn’t be without him! After falling in love with Kojo when she was just a chick, he has now fallen for more than just the cute looks for an Owl. Although he cannot pick a favourite bird, he adores Vultures and helps to educate the public on why they are needed.


Jasmine Townsend – Volunteer

Jasmine only helps us occasionally, however, is a fantastic asset to us. As Konnie’s sister, she too has grown up around birds and loves them all. Her favourite, without a doubt, is Koby our Eurasian Eagle Owl. 


If you book with us, we will give you a hands-on experience where you will learn all about our gorgeous birds of prey. We love introducing people to our wonderful sport, and we hope you come away with a smile on your face.


    Owl Ring Bearer

    Owl Ring Bearer

    Having an Owl Ring Bearer makes your day extra special!  Why not have one of our talented Owls deliver the rings down the aisle? They can fly to anyone you would like: Best Man, Bride, Groom, etc.

    Our Owl Ring Bearer in flight delivering the rings in a Church in Bristol.
    Our gorgeous Billie delivering the rings in a Church in Bristol. It wowed the guests, and the photographer managed to get a perfect shot!

    How It Works

    We offer a series of options for you to pick and choose to suit your special day:

    Option 1: Owl Ring Bearer – Prices from £350

    Option 2: Owl Ring Bearer & Pictures Afterward – Prices from £425

    Option 3: Meet & Greet After Ceremony – Prices from £400

    Option 1 – (Owl Ring Bearer Only) provides the choice of birds to deliver your rings down the aisle. We arrive around an hour before the ceremony to meet the person receiving the rings, the registrar/vicar, and the photographer, if possible. After we have had our little chats, we give a little training to the receiver and then try to disappear until the time comes for us to be involved.

    For Option 2 – (Owl Ring Bearer and Photos Afterward) you get to have our talented Barn Owl deliver the rings down to you. We will then stay after the ceremony with up to 2 other birds that you and your guests can hold and have pictures with. It makes for great pictures for you and is a fantastic way to keep the guests busy whilst you are mingling after the ceremony. 

    If you would like to see some of the birds we could bring along for Option 2, click here to meet our birds! 

    Our Option 3 – (Meet & Greet After Ceremony) allows for us to be your entertainment after the ceremony. We will bring along up to 3 birds that you and your guests can handle and take pictures with. This can be a great icebreaker between guests and is great if you need to rearrange any rooms between the ceremony and the meal. 

    For our Option 2 and Option 3 packages, you can add on a flying display for you and your guests to enjoy (and partake in) for an additional £120. 

    We are based in Evesham, Worcestershire. Within 20 miles, we require no additional travel cost. Anything further than that will require additional travel costs. For up to 50 miles from Evesham, we will require a £50 travel charge. For up to 75 miles, we require a £75 travel charge. For up to 100 miles, we require a £100 travel charge. For anything over 100 miles, please contact us.

    Our professional handlers will be dressed smartly and appropriately, with the birds as clean as they can be!

    Other Experiences

    Other Experiences

    We can offer Hawk Walks and Owl Wanders as well as Family and Children’s Experiences!

    It’s the perfect opportunity for you to get out and about with some of our spectacular birds and learn about them as they are flying about. We can also offer handling opportunities for those helping to get over their fears.

    We also offer Birthday Parties from young to old. A great opportunity for family and friends to bond, or for those Harry Potter fanatics out there!

    We love doing Corporate Events and have worked with lots of companies and hotels.

    If you are coordinating a fete or show, we can offer a package that involves us bringing along some birds for a static display and we can provide a flying display.


    Alongside that, we can also supply our birds for photoshoots, music videos, television shoots, photography sessions, drawing classes, and more. 

    If you would like us to be involved in something, contact us, and we will see what we suggest for you!

    Contact Us

    Would you like to know more information, or would like to book something with us, please contact us! 

    If you are interested in any of our options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    You can email us, call us on 07725716761 or 07435216542, or even contact us on Facebook!

    2024 Weddings!


    We offer the fantastic chance to have an Owl Ring Bearer for your wedding! 


    We are currently offering 20% off weddings (if paid in full within 7 days of the invoice date)! Contact us to check availability.