Other Experiences

Other Experiences

We can offer Hawk Walks and Owl Wanders as well as Family and Children’s Experiences!

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to get out and about with some of our spectacular birds and learn about them as they are flying about. We can also offer handling opportunities for those helping to get over their fears.

We also offer Birthday Parties from young to old. A great opportunity for family and friends to bond, or for those Harry Potter fanatics out there!

We love doing Corporate Events and have worked with lots of companies and hotels.

If you are coordinating a fete or show, we can offer a package that involves us bringing along some birds for a static display and we can provide a flying display.


Alongside that, we can also supply our birds for photoshoots, music videos, television shoots, photography sessions, drawing classes, and more. 

If you would like us to be involved in something, contact us, and we will see what we suggest for you!