2019 Wedding season is nearly upon us, and we can’t wait! To get us all ready for weddings this year, we will be attending some wedding fairs. I will try to update them as frequently as possible!


30th January – De Vere Oxford Thames: 11:30 – 3pm. 

De Vere Oxford Thames is one hotel we run our experiences from, and it is gorgeous! It is right next to the river, has beautiful grounds and the hotel looks amazing! Definitely worth a visit. We will also be holding a special offer, but to find out, you must see us on the day! Look out for Billie, and you’ll find us!


24th February – Cricklade House Hotel 11-2pm.

Another hotel we run our experiences from, and we love it!  The venue is amazing, with gorgeous views out the back, the staff are great, and the atmosphere is perfect! Come find us to chat about what we could offer you at your wedding! 

45 Minute Experience

Nothing is better than spending time outside! Why not get out and spend 45 minutes in the glorious countryside handling and flying some of our birds. 

We are offering a great chance to spend 45 minutes with us at either Cricklade House Hotel or De Vere Oxford Thames for just £10 per person. 

A fantastic opportunity to keep the children and yourselves occupied! 


Number of People


To celebrate the six week holiday, we are currently offering 20% off all experiences! They will be hosted at Cricklade House Hotel  and will be with one of our experienced Falconers!


Come and enjoy the views of Wiltshire, whilst experiencing the amazing world of Birds of Prey! 


Check out all our experiences here – Other Experiences!



March Madness – With Spring coming, we thought we would offer a special offer for all new weddings bookings! If booked between now and 2nd April, we will offer 20% discount if paid in full! If you would like to discuss with us, you can contact us either on here, by email or by phone. 💕 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the bird pass dropping whilst flying?

No, the bird will not pass dropping whilst flying, they are very clean birds who take their jobs seriously.

Who will the bird fly to?

The bird can fly to anyone that you would like. It could be the Best Man, Page Boy, Bride, anyone, as long as we know before the ceremony.

How are the rings attached?

There will be ribbons tied through the anklets of the birds flowing down, we will then put the rings into individual bags, and tie them onto the bird. If you would not like us to use the real rings, we can use dummy rings, however, we prefer to use the real rings to give the proper experience.

Does the venue have to be a certain size?

It doesn’t have to be. As long as we have room to fly the bird down the aisle, then yes it’s okay.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured.

Is there any further information you need to know?

As we are dealing with live animals, we will need to know of any surprises which could scare or hurt our birds. These may include things such as aerosols, live bands, magicians, children, themes or anything of any importance to you on your big day!