We have had to make the very tough decision to close for the foreseeable future following Government advice. We want to make sure everyone visiting, ourselves and our volunteers are healthy and safe. 


This was very tough for us, as this would typically be our busiest time! We’ve not had the best weather over the past month, and now with coronavirus, we are loosing out on even more business. If you would like to help support the birds, and us, throughout this difficult time please consider buying an experience, or adopting a bird! We’ve had a few people wishing to donate, if you would like to you can donate here: We would just like to thank everyone for supporting us. Liking our Facebook Page, Sharing our pictures and Subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Everything helps and we appreciate you all! 


Stay safe and if possible, stay home! Let’s overcome this together!


With Love, 

Konnie & Lisa Townsend

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